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Why visit our site if you are already a Christian? 

I am already a Christian, so why do I need to explore your site, articles or books? Yes you need to explore our site, articles and read our books! Please read this post.

Please read the purpose of our Love of God: God's Plan To Save You! Part 1 book and the "This book will show you" section in the full book description. Are you where you should be spiritually, or are you missing out on something? Are you happy? Do you have a rich and fulfilled life? Do you have the same peace, love and joy that you had when you first gave your heart to God years ago and were baptized? Are you stingy or unkind to others? Are you a lukewarm Christian? Are you ready if Jesus should come today? Is God happy with your life? Do you know that God loves you personally? Do you have the assurance of your own salvation? Do you worry if you are good enough to be saved? Are you too worldly? Are you angry, sad, depressed, or have bad habits that you cannot break free from? Do you have trouble doing the right thing sometimes? Do you have guilt or unfulfilled duties that are nagging you? Do you believe that God will save you regardless of what you do, no worries? Do you believe that you are good because you believe the truth? Then you SHOULD read this book and our articles. If you are angry with us for stating one of your problems, you probably need to read some of our other books too, like "God's Law of Love". If you already have new life with God, and a ministry to serve Him with, our site and books will also greatly enrich your life even more. Our site and books will help you regardless of where you are spiritually. Do you want the promised full outpouring of the Holy Spirit? Do you want to receive the Latter Rain? Do you want a turbo-supercharged ministry to serve God with? Then you should read our articles and books!


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